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Appointment Campaign

Appointment Campaigns let staff reach out to specific student populations and encourage them to schedule appointments. This tool is used when you identify a population of students who need extra support and send them a request to schedule an appointment with you.

Appointment Center

The Appointment Center allows staff to assist students who need to check-in for an appointment, drop in to see an advisor or tutor, schedule a future appointment, or cancel an appointment.

Appointment Summary

Appointment Summaries let you document information about a specific student appointment, whether the appointment was scheduled, a drop-in, or the student was a no-show.


Availability lets staff indicate the days, times, locations, and services they offer when meeting with students. It is a cornerstone of Navigate’s workflows and is located on the Staff Home page.

Care Unit

Care Units allow students to easily navigate the system by providing a self-service Kiosk system. Each Care Unit can enable student scheduling for offered services, manage appointment availability, view post-visit documentation, report on student interactions, and manage check-ins. Care Units can be utilized by offices such as Financial Aid, Career, and Athletics.


A case is created when a user issues a referral that requires another user to follow up with a student to resolve their issue. Not all referrals generate cases. The institution can configure which referral reasons automatically generate cases, and to whom the cases are


Categories are used further to understand the student’s attributes and potential needs and often include academic as well as non-academic information.

Coach Role

This role, also known as the Front Desk role, grants both staff or students access to schedule appointments and view future appointments in Bulldog Connect.

Coordinated Referrals

Coordinated Referrals, also known as Coordinated Care Network, is a network of coordinated support providers connected by technology and processes to make it easier for students to navigate the system and receive holistic support.


The Dashboard is a beta feature designed to give you, at a glance, actionable information about students who are assigned to you and an overview of ongoing or recent activity.

EAB Navigate

Also known as Bulldog Connect at Fresno State, it is a Student Success Management system that combines technology, research, and predictive analytics to help institutions positively inflect outcomes with at-risk and off-path students (Educational Advisory Board, 2012).

General Events

General Events are a type of appointment that allows users to block their availability in Bulldog Connect. It is like setting a Busy time on your non-Bulldog Connect calendar.


Kiosks enable self-service student check-ins for appointments, study halls, or other activities.


Locations represent a physical or virtual place where students schedule appointments, and that enables Kiosk and Appointment Center functionality. Many Care Unit-related permissions are tied to Locations as well.

Meeting Type

Meeting Type indicates if an appointment is on the phone, in-person, or virtual.


Notes can be used to record information related to a student profile and are not tied to specific appointments.


Nudges replace the Compose a Message functionality in Campaigns and allows for more communication during a campaign. Each nudge is an email sent to your campaign list. You can customize the message sent to the student.

Nudge emails are sent on the morning of the date you create the nudge. As with any email, some may be slightly delayed.

Personal Availablity Link (PAL)

Personal Availability Links (PAL) are useful scheduling tools. Each PAL is unique to a staff member in Navigate and does not change over time. The PAL redirects to the scheduling page in the student’s browser.

Progress Reports

Faculty receives an email request to submit Progress Reports. The email has a link to the Progress Report Feedback form. If the staff member teaches multiple courses and/or sections, these all appear on one page through the email link.


The Appointment Queues tab shows a list of students checked in for their appointments (including virtual check-ins), students in your queue, and students in other queues.

Record Visit

Record Visit is a service that requires tracking a student’s attendance for a particular reason; no notes are attached to the visit.


Referrals are a way to draw attention to a student who might need additional support for a variety of reasons, such as losing financial aid, needing tutoring, or intending to withdraw from the institution.

Saved Search

Saved searches let users run a pre-configured Advanced Search without creating the search again.

Saved Reports

Saved Reports allows users to save student and activity filters for a particular report to which they have access, much like a Saved Search. This allows users to re-run the search quickly and efficiently without having to reselect the filters each time they access the report.

Scheduled Reports

Once you save a report, you can schedule it for rerun. Once Scheduled Reports is configured, users will be notified via email when their report is ready to run or export.

Student Lists

Student Lists are static lists of students by student ID.

Study Hall

Study Hall allows staff to track student progress toward required study hall hours. It is particularly used by athletics departments.

Success Markers

Success Markers represent key milestones for a particular program of study. They comprise key courses, minimum grade thresholds, and recommended credit ranges for completion. Success markers serve as indicators of a student's academic progress and performance.


Tags are short text labels the application administrator can apply to students. They are frequently used to create ad hoc lists of students with issues not accounted for in other grouping methods.

Target Hours

Target Hours allow you to restrict student workers' hours to required or recommended limits with no extra steps from app admins or super users once target hours are set.

Track Time

A service used to track a student’s time (both check-in and checkout).

Travel Letters

Travel Letters allow staff members to manage student absences due to a particular activity. They help notify students and/or professors when a student will miss Courses, Appointments, and/or Assignments as a result of traveling.

Tutor Role

The tutor role grants access to schedule appointments, edit appointments, track advising sessions, enter student/advising notes, view future/past appointments, and run reports.