Appointment Center

The Appointment Center allows staff to assist students who need to check-in for an appointment, drop in to see an advisor/tutor, schedule a future appointment, or cancel an appointment. Staff can monitor activity within the Appointment Center and receive notifications when students are checked in.

Overview of the Appointment Center

  • Additional Modes - click on the bottom right corner of the Appointment Center

  • Navigate Staff Areas - click on the waffle icon Appointment Center

  • Choose a Location

  • Once you have selected the location, you will be present with the Appointment Center

After choosing a location, you will be taken to a Scheduling Grid. This grid can be narrowed down by Care Unit, Service, Staff Member, and Date/Time. The Staff, Service, and Course filters now interact more intuitively in the Appointment Center. These filters are now more interdependent. Any time you add or remove a selection in one of these three filters, the options available in the other filters will be narrowed or widened based on that selection.

Appointment Center Modes

The dropdown below the student selection and above the grid filters allows you to select one of three possible display modes:

  • Scheduling Grid (default): Shows a calendar grid of scheduled appointments and availability

    • It is most useful when scheduling new appointments or looking for staff availability

  • Drop-In Appointments: Shows the current drop-in queues and supports management of drop-ins

    • Most useful when adding students to staff queues and managing time tracking check-ins.

  • Scheduled Appointments: A simplified view of upcoming, current, and past appointments.

    • It is most useful when only working with existing appointments and managing check-ins.