Schedule Appointments appear in the Actions Menu for Student Lists, Advanced Search, Professor Home, the Calendar (as Add Calendar Event), and some Reports. Selecting it takes you to the Schedule Appointment page. Follow the procedure at the top of this section to create an appointment.

There are three highly used options for advisors to schedule an appointment with a student.

Option 1: Scheduling Appointment from the Staff Home Page

From the Staff Home screen, you can select the student(s) and click Schedule Appointment from the drop-down options.


Option 2: Scheduling Appointment from the Student Profile Page

From the student screen, you can click Schedule an Appointment



  • The system will then display the Schedule an Appointment page.

Select the Care Unit, Location, and Service from the filter panel. If the service requires a course or your appointment is course-related, select the Course as well. After that, select Meeting Type from the filter.

  • Care Unit

  • Location

  • Service

  • Course

  • Meeting Type

  • Comments


  • Select the organizer for the appointment. This is most likely you, but if you have the ability to schedule for others, you see other potential organizers.

  • After selecting an organizer, a grid showing available dates and times appears. The grid will show all possible appointments based on the availabilities for the Service in the week that corresponds to the date selected in the Select a Date calendar in the filters section.

  • Select what reminders need to be sent to who from the Reminders section of the filters. You can send either email or text reminders to the organizer of the appointment, the non-organizers (the attendees and any student support staff who are informed when the student has an appointment, e.g. a coach or main advisor), both, or neither.

  • If you do not choose an appointment length, it will default to 30 minutes. You can also adjust the availabilities shown on the grid by choosing a different option from the Availabilities drop-down menu. Note that if you unlock non-available or conflicted times, this may cause schedule conflicts for you.

  • Once you have set the appointment details, click Save Appointment to create the appointment. It is added to the organizer’s calendar and a notice is sent to the student’s email from Bulldog Connect.


Option 3: Scheduling Appointment using Appointment Center

For more information about creating appointments using the Appointment Center, see this article about Scheduling Grid.