Your calendar in Bulldog Connect is a quick way to view your appointments or events at a glance. The Calendar tab provides a view of your calendar, including all appointments within Bulldog Connect, all courses in which you currently are enrolled or teaching, all general events, and any busy times.

Note. This requires you to sync a personal or professional calendar to the platform. You will only be able to view appointments for which you are attending.

To access the Calendar tab, click the calendar icon in the left-hand navigation bar. You have access to three views – Calendar View, List of Calendar Items, and Settings and Sync. Find more information about each of those views below.

Calendar Overview (no audio)

Calendar View

View the calendar by any day, week, or month time frame by selecting the options on the top right.

Notice the legend just above the calendar grid. Selecting one of the checkboxes enables associated appointments to show on the calendar grid and deselecting the checkbox hides them. All options are automatically selected by default.

The calendar also has a time zone notification that tells you which time zone your appointments are set in.

You can print or save your calendar grid to a PDF by selecting Print Calendar (PDF). Add a scheduled appointment or event to your calendar by selecting Add Calendar Event. Selecting the button brings up the Staff Scheduling page. For more information about scheduling events as a staff member, see Scheduling Appointments.

Hover your cursor over any blocked time on the calendar to view a snapshot of details for that block.

You can click on an appointment in your calendar and see more details. The information provided includes appointment attendees, appointment organizer, date and time, Location, Service, course (if applicable), URL/phone number (if applicable), Care Unit, comments, and type of appointment.

From this screen, you can also take action on the appointments. Depending on your user permissions, you will be able to take action on either all appointments or only the appointments you personally scheduled with the student.

There are several actions available.

Message all or one attendee

Select either All Attendees or an individual’s name. Select Message from the Actions menu to send them a message about the appointment. A dialog opens that lets you choose the format of the message (either email or text), customize the message language, and attach files.

Cancel one attendee

Select an individual's name and choose Cancel in the Actions menu to cancel their attendance for this appointment. A dialog opens to let you select the cancellation reason (required) and add any comments.

Cancel appointment

Click Cancel Appointment in the bottom left to cancel the appointment for everyone. A dialog opens for you to select who to cancel the appointment for, the cancellation reason (required), and to add any comments.

Delete appointment

Click Delete Appointment to delete the appointment from the Bulldog Connect platform.

Note. Typically only Administrators have permission to delete appointments. We strongly discourage the deleting of appointments. Deleted appointments are entirely removed from the platform, and data is not retrievable. Cancel appointments instead.

Edit appointment

Click Edit to change one or more parts of this appointment. You are taken to the primary scheduling page to update any portion of the appointment. This article explains more about scheduling appointments.

With the appropriate appointment edit permissions, you may also drag and drop appointments between days on the calendar to update the date of the appointment.

List of Calendar Items

The List of Calendar Items tab shows you a list of appointments on your calendar for Today, This Week, and Next Week. You can edit appointments from the list or print the list of appointments for reference.

To reach this list, click List of Calendar Items on the My Calendar page. You can print or save your calendar list to a PDF by selecting the Print Calendar button.

If you have the right permissions, you may edit each appointment in this view by clicking the date in the Edit Entry column to the far right. Doing so brings up your appointment scheduling page.

Settings and Sync

The Settings and Sync button lets you set up and manage your Calendar Sync. For more information about Calendar Sync, see this article.

Calendar Sync recommendations:

  • Sync your calendar to the Bulldog Connect platform so that appointments can flow between your Bulldog Connect calendar and professional calendar, blocking off that time and preventing double booking.

  • Only sync your calendar in your live platform, not your training platform, to avoid issues and confusion.

  • Only sync one professional calendar to Bulldog Connect. Make sure to uncheck any additional calendars in Google Calendar if your professional calendar is on that platform.