Study Hall

Feature Overview

Study Hall allows staff to track student progress toward required study hall hours. It is particularly used by athletics departments.

Managing Charity Time

Staff and administrators can award students Charity Time, which decreases the remaining amount of time students must spend in Study Hall. For example, if a staff member awards 30 minutes of charity time to a student who has two hours of required study hall a week, the student would only need to spend one hour and 30 minutes more in a study hall location to meet their requirement.

Staff can manage charity time in two ways.

  • Mass Edit of Students. Staff adds charity time on the Study Hall tab of the Mass Edit of Students page. Use the advanced search to find students who need charity time, select them from the results, enter the number of hours and minutes of charity time for the week on the Study Hall tab, and click Save. You can also include a reason for the charity time, which is accessible in the Study Hall report.

Note. Email with an Excel sheet of the student ID numbers and their weekly study hall hours in another column.  

  • Student Profile. Staff can add charity time for an individual student on the Study Hall tab of the Student Profile. To add charity time, click Manage Charity Time and enter the required information. This includes the date, time (in minutes), radio button selector for increase or decrease in required hours, and any comments. To learn more about Study Hall in the student profile, read this article.

Launching the Study Hall Kiosk

Students can check in for study hall hours with the Kiosk. Open the Kiosk window and select the appropriate location to begin. Select whether you want the kiosk to offer all available services or just Study Hall. Once you select Study Hall or all services which include study hall, the kiosk is ready for student check-ins.

Students must enter their student ID to check-in. If your location has a card reader, the student may swipe their ID card and click Submit. This action checks the student into Study Hall. 

A dialog detailing the remaining needed time for the week appears.

Important. If the student does not check themselves out, the total study hall time will default to the configured time for auto-check out at the Care Unit level.

To check out, the student reenters their student ID number or swipes their student ID card again. This checks the student out of study hall and shows a message detailing how many minutes were logged for the session and the remaining study hall time needed for the week.

Reporting on Study Hall Time

The Study Hall Report aggregates information about student completion of study hall hours. A single row in the report represents a single student with check-in for study hall in the chosen term.

Note. For a student to be returned in the report, the student must be active in the term selected.

To view this report, users will need View Study Hall Report permission.

This report answers the following questions for partners:

  • For students with required study hall hours, how many minutes have they completed for the chosen date range? How many minutes of time do they have remaining to complete?

  • For students with required study hall hours, which students have had "charity time" added during the chosen date range? Who approved/entered that time?

  • Which students have study hall hours remaining to be completed in the chosen date range?