Calendar Sync

It is strongly recommended to sync your Google calendar to Bulldog Connect so that appointments can flow between your Bulldog Connect calendar and professional calendar, blocking off that time and preventing double booking.

To synchronize your Google Calendar events into your Bulldog Connect calendar:

  • To set up Calendar Sync, open My Calendar and select the Settings and Sync button.

  • The Calendar Settings page opens. If you have not yet set up a sync, you see the image below.

  • Click Setup Sync. The Calendar Settings: Setup page opens. Click on Google Calendar

  • A Google sign-in page opens.

  • In the Sign in to your Google accounts, users should find their Google account as an option.  If your Google account is not listed, click the Add Account option and log in to your Google account.

    • In the Request for Permission dialog, click the Accept button to continue.

    • Select which Google calendar, or calendars, you wish to add to Bulldog Connect

    • Click Save

  • After entering your credentials, you are redirected back to the Bulldog Connect Calendar page and prompted to finish setting up your calendar. Choose one of the following options:

    • Select Calendar for Two-Way Sync (Recommended Option): All calendar items sync back and forth between your Bulldog Connect calendar and your professional calendar (i.e., Bulldog Connect calendar ↔ professional calendar). Events from your professional calendar will display as Busy in your Bulldog Connect calendar. Limited details from Bulldog Connect will display in your professional calendar.

    • Select Calendar for Free/Busy Sync: Choose this option if you only want events from your professional calendar to display as Busy on your Bulldog Connect calendar (i.e., professional calendar ↔ Bulldog Connect calendar).

  • After selecting the appropriate calendar, click Save. Your sync is complete with information about the sync on display.

Calendar Tab

After all, calendars have been selected/synced, click on the Calendar tab to view your newly added events.  If your events do not immediately appear, click your browser’s refresh button.  Please note, that it may take a few minutes for your calendars to synchronize.  Once synchronized, any events added to your Google calendar will automatically be added to your Bulldog Connect calendar as “Busy” events.


Sync Options

After setting up your sync, you should see something like this when you open your Settings and Sync page in Bulldog Connect.

You have two options listed under the sync to help you troubleshoot when your calendars are not syncing, if your email address has changed, etc.

Retry Sync lets users reconnect to the EAB Navigate servers if calendars are not syncing.

Disconnect Synclets a user disconnect their personal calendar from Bulldog Connect. Users might do this if they leave the institution or have changed their email address. Disconnecting your calendar takes about 30 minutes to finish so your user may still see Bulldog Connect items on their calendar for a short time.

Note. Events synced are limited to 3 months in the past and 6 months in the future. You may notice that the events sync until Google stops them (approximately two years).