General Events

General Events are a type of appointment that allows users to block their availability within Bulldog Connect, much as a Busy time on your non-Bulldog Connect calendar will. It can also be used to create a general event for multiple users at once that will put a Busy time on their calendar.

Information. General Events are the most useful for partners who do not use Calendar Sync.

Other EAB Navigate partners have used General Events for various types of events, such as:

  • Blocking a staff calendar for internal team meetings.

  • Marking an administrative worker out sick.

  • Blocking workshops or information sessions.

  • Blocking student tutors and other workers during university holidays, as adding a general event to their calendar allows you to block multiple workers at once, even if the student worker forgets to update their availability.

To Add a General Event

Add a general event to your calendar by selecting Schedule a General Event in the Quick Links panel.

  • The Schedule Appointment page opens.

  • Select General Event from the Care Unit field.

  • Select a Location from the Location field. Setting one Location blocks your calendar for any Location you are scheduled at during the time period.

  • Type something into the Service box. For General Events, this field allows free-form text.

  • Add an Attendee.

  • Search and add users to the General Event. 

  • Select a length for the General Event.

  • Select the date and time.

Note. You probably need to select Unlock Non-Available Times from the Availabilities field.

Select the Repeat option if you want the event to repeat.


Click Save Appointment to create the General Event.