Student Lists

A Student List is a static list of students by student ID. You can use Student Lists in a variety of ways, from maintaining a list of students to track overtime to sending messages or Appointment Campaigns directly from the Student List.

Creating Student Lists

There are several ways to create a Student List or add students to a Student List.

Note. Because some tools in the platform display all Student Lists in filters, please use a standard naming convention for your Student Lists that explains the purpose of the list (e.g., F17 Senior His Maj, F17 Transfer 1st Gen).

Open Advanced Search and set your search filters. When the list of student results appears, select all students you want to add to your Student List by checking the box in front of their name. You can select the entire list by clicking the All option.  Note that if you decide to perform this action on only certain students from the list, you are limited to selecting from those students within the results page you are currently viewing, up to the maximum of 100.

After selecting your students, open the Actions menu. From here, follow these steps:

  1. Select Add to Student List

  2. Add students to an existing list OR create a new list.

  3. After naming your list (if applicable), click Save.

You have a static list of students that will not change over time.

When adding multiple students to a list, platform notations will indicate if all, some, or none of the selected students are already part of a current student list. 

  • If none of the students selected are on a student list, the student list check box will be empty, such as the "Freshman" student list example in the screenshot. 

  • If some of the students selected are on a student list, the student list check box will have a dash "-" to indicate that some, but not all, of the students, are already included on that list. The example in the screenshot is the "Student List 2." 

  • If all of the students selected are on a student list, the student list check box will have a checkmark, such as an example "Student List 1" in the screenshot. 

You can click on any of these checkboxes to clear these indications and select the list as the placement for your selected student list. 

Option 2. Upload Student List from a list of Student IDs

You can upload a list of students from a CSV file into Bulldog Connect to create Student Lists, too.

Information. The file must be a CSV file, not a CSV UTF-8 file.

To upload a student list from a CSV file, do the following steps:

  1. Open the Lists and Search page in Bulldog Connect.

  2. Select Upload Student List from the Actions menu in the Student Lists section of the page as shown in the following image.

Upload Student List in Actions Menu

  1. Add students to an existing list OR create a new list.

  2. Select the CSV file and click Upload.

  3. Choose the column in your CSV file that represents Student ID and then finish importing the file.

Warning. The column containing student IDs in the CSV must wide enough to display the entire student ID or the platform cannot read it.

Option 3. Add Students to Student List from Student Profile

Select Add to Student List in the Actions panel of a student profile as shown in the following image.

Choose which Student List or Lists to add the student to, or create a new Student List and add the student to it.

Using the Actions Menu

The Actions menu for a Student List is a valuable tool with several options. To open the Actions menu, take the following steps:

  1. Open a Student List via the 'Lists & Saved Items' tab.

  2. Select the boxes next to the students you want to take action on.

  3. Open the Actions menu and select one of the items. The actions are described below.

  • Send Message to Student: Opens a Send a Message dialog. Users can send an email message (with or without an attachment) to the students selected.

  • Create Ad hoc Appointment Summary: Creates an appointment summary report for the selected students to record an appointment with them.

  • Appointment Campaign: Creates an appointment campaign starting with the students added.

  • Schedule Appointment: Opens the Schedule Appointment page. Users can then schedule appointments for the student. 

  • Note: Adds a note to the student profile.

  • Issue Referral: Opens the Issue a Referral dialog.

  • Add to Student List: Add student(s) to another Student List

  • Remove From Student List: Removes the selected student(s) from the current list.

  • Show/Hide Columns: Customize the student information columns. 

Lists and Searches

After creating a student list, the list will appear in the Lists and Searches tab and navigate to the Student Lists table.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Not at this time.

32 characters.

A saved search is a saved set of parameters. Each time you run a saved search, it will return the set of students who currently meet those parameters.

A Student List, on the other hand, is a static list of students, saved by their student ID, and the list of students will remain the same over time. 

This shouldn't have any impact. The Student List, like any Advanced Search filters used, is only initially relevant for helping query the list of students you want to be a part of the campaign. Once they have been added to the campaign how they were added (category, list, filter) does not matter so changes to Student Lists would not impact campaigns that have already been built/executed.

The Student List would not show in any analytics dashboard to anyone, including you. This can be helpful for Student Lists created for sensitive reasons, e.g. a list of students to refer to counseling. However, in most cases, you do not need to select the box.