Saved Searches

Saved searches lets users run a pre-configured Advanced Search without having to create the search again. Unlike Student Lists, which save a static list of the same students, a saved search dynamically regenerates a list of students or users based on the search criteria. This feature can be especially helpful for users who frequently run the same search at different points in the term, as it allows you to maintain consistency with your search parameters 

Create a saved search in Advanced Search. After selecting your search parameters and running the search, click the Save button. 

You are then asked to name your search.  Create a name that is as specific as possible to help with future queries. Click Save Search  

Note. Students in the initial saved search will change as their data changes. For example, if a student switches majors from Biology to Chemistry, they would no longer appear for a saved search looking for Biology majors.

A saved search generates a list of the students that meet your search parameters at this time. It does not save the list of students themselves. To create a static list of students to track, you need a Student List.

Saved searches are accessible in several places in Bulldog Connect.

  1. Staff Home Page. Clicking My Assigned Students on the Staff Home page pulls up not only lists of your assigned students by term, but also any saved searches or student lists you created.

  2. Lists and Searches. This page aggregates all your student lists and saved searches. You can also create a new saved search on this page by clicking the New Saved Search button, which directs you to Advanced Search.

  3. Advanced Search. Any saved search is accessible on the Advanced Search page.

After creating a Saved Search, the search will appear in the Lists and Searches tab and navigate to the Saved Search table.


Saved searches let you take action on students flagged once you've run the search and results are available.


Send Message to Student

Opens a Send a Message dialog that lets you to send an email or text message (with or without an attachment) to the selected students.

Create Ad hoc Appointment Summary

Opens an Appointment Summary Report for the students selected.

Appointment Campaign

Creates an appointment campaign for the identified students.

Schedule Appointment

Opens the Schedule Appointment page so that users can then schedule appointments for the student. Note that if multiple students are selected, the appointment is set up as a group appointment.


Adds a note to the student’s profile.

Issue Referral

Opens the Issue Referral dialog box and marks a student at-risk.

Add to Student List

Adds students to a Student List.

Show/Hide Columns

Let the user choose the columns to show in the report results and export.

Export Results

Generates a CSV file of the saved search results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Saved Searches are dynamic lists of students. The results change as student data changes to move in or out of the search criteria. Student Lists are static lists of students. Even as student information changes, the list of students will remain the same. 

Saved searches that included the four pre-existing relationships have been migrated over. In most cases, users should see no difference. In one case they may see a difference, as outlined below.

Let’s say a staff member has a Saved Search where they have saved “Assigned To” and chosen the role of Advisor. If they created a new search and staff members who were previously advisors or have the advisor Relationship Type but DO NOT have a student assigned to them as an advisor WOULD NOT appear in the new saved search. They WILL appear in the migrated Saved Search.