Personal Availability Links (PAL)

Personal Availability Links (PAL) are a useful tool for scheduling. Each PAL is unique to a staff member in Bulldog Connect. The link does not change over time.

When you include a PAL in a URL field, website, email, or SMS and students click the link, they are taken to the New Appointment page in student scheduling.

The staff user and their Care Units and Support Services are pre-selected. Students then see the available times staff have to meet. The student will only see the Care Unit, Services, Locations, and times the staff user has selected to be part of their PAL. All configurations, limitations, and permissions for the availabilities remain in effect.

Note. If the user has more than one service available, the student needs to select one from the Support Services menu first.

What PALs Are

What PALs Aren’t

What PALs Are

What PALs Aren’t

A “shortcut” to your own availability

A way to bypass location restrictions

A unique, unchanging URL

Customizable (they’re randomly generated)

Per user, showing one person’s availability

Location-based, showing all staff at a location

Warning. Personal Availability Link only work if the location allows students to make appointments on Bulldog Connect.

To apply an availability to your Personal Availability Link, you need to check the Add this availability to your personal availability link box when creating or editing an availability or select existing availabilities and choose to Add to Personal Link from the Actions menu.