Availability lets staff indicate the days, times, locations, and services they offer when they meet with students.

There is significant flexibility when you create availabilities. Staff can choose the length of the availability’s duration, which can range from a specific set of dates to forever. Availability can be set for appointments, drop-in visits, and/or appointment campaigns. Staff can create course-specific availability such as course-based tutoring. For group appointments, staff can set the maximum number of students for a single appointment slot.

Important. Bulldog Connect deletes inactive date range and term-based availabilities older than one year on a nightly basis.

  • Go to Staff Home > My Availability. You should see a table of existing Availabilities if any.

  • Open the Actions menu and select Add Time.

  • The Add Availability dialog opens.
    Choose days of the week for the availability.

  • Select the start and end time for the availability in the From and To fields.

  • Set the length of the availability with the How Long Is this Availability Active? field.

  • If you want this availability added to your personal availability link, select Add This Availability to Your Personal Availability Link? You can put the personal availability link in an email or text or on a website. Students are taken to a scheduling workflow that has the staff member's chosen availabilities pre-filled.

  • Select your Availability types. You can choose more than one at a time. For example, availability can be for both Drop-In and Appointments.

  • Select Care Unit this determines which location and services can be added to the availability.

  • Select a Location.


  • Select Services you must choose at least one service but can pick more.

  • If any service you select is tied to a course, a Course field appears. Select the courses you are available for.

  • Enter a phone number or URL in the URL / Phone Number field. A clickable version of this link appears for students who create an appointment during the availability on the Appointment Confirmation page.

  • Enter special instructions for this availability

  • Determine how many students can be in one appointment. If you do not select a Max Number of Students per Appointment, the number stays at 1.

  • Click Save to create the availability.

Note. The special instructions will be included in the initial notification to the student regarding this scheduled appointment. We recommend including general instructions, like your office location or how to check-in for the appointment upon arrival. 

Repeat this process any time you want to add another availability. You can have as many availabilities as you want.

Managing Existing Availabilities

When you create availabilities, you can edit, copy, or delete availabilities. To edit an existing availability, click the Edit link next to the entry you want to change. Editing an availability is very similar to adding an availability, so refer to the instructions above for information. Please note: editing an existing availability DOES NOT edit or change already scheduled appointments.

To copy an existing availability, select the time you would like to copy, open the Actions menu and click Copy Time. The availabilities are copied and a Modify Availability dialog opens, allowing you to make edits or save your newly created availability.

To delete an availability, simply select the time, open the Actions menu and click Delete Time.