User Settings

The User Settings page allows staff users to set some key settings and information. Open the User Settings page from the link in the user menu.

The User Settings page opens. There are settings users can set:

  • Pronouns,

  • Email Signature,

  • Default Term,

  • Default Landing Page,

  • Default Care Unit and Location for Ad-Hoc Appointment Summaries.


Pronouns will show in user profiles, the Appointment Center, staff queues, the Upcoming and Recent Appointments tables, the My Success Team table, the Student Scheduler, and all emails from Bulldog Connect.

Pronouns help your network know how to refer to you. Any pronouns entered here will be visible to faculty, staff, and students in various places across the application. You may remove your pronouns if you do not wish to list them.

Email Signature

This setting is only for users who can send messages through Bulldog Connect.

Email Signature is a rich text editor, so users can format the signature and add links. After creating the signature, click Save in User Settings to save it.

Your signature is then available as a merge field in any Send a Message dialog in Bulldog Connect.

Reminder. For a Signature to show in an email, you need to add it using merge tags or {$email_signature}


Default Term

The Default Term Selection is used in all term dropdowns in Bulldog Connect. You can change the term using any term filter. When the default term becomes inactive, you need to update your default term.

If you select System Default Term, it will select the “current term” that matches the following logic:

  • The current date falls during the term

  • If the current date falls in multiple terms, the longest term is selected as the current term

  • If the current date does not fall in a term, the closest upcoming term is selected

Default Landing Page

The Default Landing Page sets the page in Bulldog Connect that opens when you first log into the platform. If you lose access to the chosen page, we update your default landing page to the System Default Landing Page.

The following pages can be default landing pages; the list you see is determined by User Role permissions.

Once you have changed one or more of these settings, select Save User Settings to save the change.


Default Staff Home Tab

Choose a Default Staff Home Tab to specify which tab you prefer to land on when accessing your home page.


Default Student Profile Tab

Choosing an option from the Default Student Profile Tab menu lets you open student profiles to a particular tab. For example, instead of opening to the Student Profile overview tab, a student profile opens to the Reports/History tab.

Set Default Care Unit and Location for Ad-Hoc Appointment Summaries

User Settings has added two new options: You can set your default Care Unit and Location for ad-hoc Appointment Summaries.

You can update these settings on User Settings. If you want to update the default Location, you must also update the default Care Unit. Setting these options will not change the Care Unit or Location of a prescheduled appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is up to you. If you select the term you know is current, you will need to update to the next term manually; however, this lets you have more control over your default term.

This depends on your role and how you use Bulldog Connect. Many users will find setting a "home" page to be most useful, e.g., Staff Home or Professor Home, or even Student Home. However, if you rarely use the home pages and instead spend most of your time in, for example, Analytics or Reporting, it may make more sense to set one of those pages as your default. Another example is if you spend most of your time in Advanced Search, you may want to start there and save yourself a click. Likewise, you may prefer Dashboard to one of the home pages. If you have no strong preference, you may want to choose the System Default Landing Page. The choice is yours!