Assigned Students

The My Assigned Students table gives you a quick and easy way to view and interact with groups of students that have identified as being of particular interest to you.

At the top of the table are a set of filters: List TypeTerm, and Relationship Type.

List Type includes your Assigned Students, as well as any Student Lists you have created. Term and Relationship Type let you filter based on the term the student is assigned to you and your relationship with the student. If you don't select any filters, the table shows all students assigned to you in any relationship for either the term or for all time.

After selecting your filters, a list of students displays in the table.


The fields displayed can be customized by selecting the Show/Hide Columns under the Actions menu. By selecting the box in front of the student's listing and using the Actions menu, you can take action on your students.

You can take many different actions on these students, depending on your user permissions. These actions could include: sending messages, creating appointment summary reports, scheduling appointments, adding a student to a student list, issuing referrals, adding notes, or exporting a list of included students.

In addition to seeing lists of assigned students for the current term, you can use the down arrow to toggle to a previous term, view assigned students for all terms, see students associated with a static student list, or review students included in a dynamic saved search.


Note.  If you do not see any students on your grid, it is likely that your students have not been assigned to you yet on PeopleSoft.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see any students on your grid it is likely that your students have not been assigned to you yet on PeopleSoft.

If they have been assigned on PeopleSoft and are still not showing then please submit a ticket with the missing student(s) name and ID number.

They no longer appear on the active Assigned Students table. You can still create Appointment Summaries for inactive students.

If you are assigned students via an automated Relationship Types import, your current students' list should be correct. However, once a student is no longer assigned to you, you will probably not see the prior association in reports or lists. So although you can toggle to prior terms to view lists of students that were assigned via Relationship Type automation, the list may be incomplete.