Getting Started

Log onto Bulldog Connect

Using your username and password are the same as your Fresno State email.

Bulldog Connect is under Campus Systems

EAB Navigate Terms of Service Agreement

Users must agree to the EAB Terms of Service Agreement before using Bulldog Connect. You should see a window appear so that you can agree and use Bulldog Connect.




First-Time Users Guide


Before you can begin using Bulldog Connect for appointments, reporting, or other student interactions, you must first have access to a proper role. If you are unsure of your current access and your situation doesn’t match the two below, please submit a PeopleSoft support ticket for assistance.

This dynamic role grants faculty and staff advisors access to EAB Navigate (Bulldog Connect) to schedule appts, edit appts, track advising sessions, enter student/advising notes, view future/past appointments, run reports, and view grades.

If your Location has front desk workers to manage appointments and/or record visits, please submit a Bulldog Connect support ticket to request a Front Desk role-based account for your location. Role-based accounts do not grant access to view student information in Bulldog Connect. Role-based accounts are recommended only for front desk workers. See this article for more details on Role-Based Accounts in Bulldog Connect.

Appointment Availability

If you plan to use Bulldog Connect for scheduled or drop-in student interactions, appointment or drop-in availability should be configured. Please note that you will need to have a proper location set up before adding availability. Refer to the Location Configuration article for more information. If you are ready to add availability, use the managing Availability article.

If your department or office uses Bulldog Connect and has a location configured already, follow the instructions for setting up availability and scheduling appointments.

If your department or office is brand new to Bulldog Connect and you’re the first person to hold appointments, a new location must be created and configured. Please reach out for assistance by submitting a TDX ticket.

If your department or office is in Bulldog Connect and you need to make changes, please submit a Bulldog Connect TDX ticket with the requested changes.

Automated Student Assignments

Students are assigned to staff in PeopleSoft and read into Bulldog Connect by using relationship types (e.g., Academic Advisor, EOP Peer Mentor, Student-Athlete Advisor, etc.). This enables the location to nudge or require students to schedule appointments only with their assigned staff.


It is strongly recommended that you sync your Google calendar to Bulldog Connect so that appointments can flow between your Bulldog Connect calendar and professional calendar, blocking off that time and preventing double booking. Refer to the Google Calendar article for detailed information on how to synchronize your calendars.

Knowledge Check

The Knowledge Check should help reflect on where to expand your wisdom of Bulldog Connect. Click here to take the Knowledge Check.

Managing Appointments

Once you begin receiving appointments scheduled by students, use the Appointment Summary article to save appointment summary reports properly.

Recommend Training Schedule for New Advisors

Bulldog Connect has many features and the best way to learn about Bulldog Connect is to take one bite at a time. Follow this recommended training schedule to get the best of Bulldog Connect.

User Settings

The Personal Settings section of User Settings has two settings: Pronouns and Email Signature. Users can select pronouns from a list or enter custom pronouns if desired. They can also choose not to display pronouns by selecting None.


Refer to the Vocabulary article for detailed information on exploring common keywords in the platform and learning more about features that support your goals.