Automated Actions

New feature

Automated Actions allow staff users with the appropriate permissions to regularly take certain actions on students matching criteria from a Saved Search or a saved V3 Report.

To create an Automation, go to the Lists & Saved Items page. The Automations table shows a list of your automations. You will need an existing saved search or saved V3 report to create an automation. Automated actions are only visible to the action's creator.

There are three Automations you can currently create: one that lets you issue a Referral, one that enables you to send a message to students, and one that adds a student to the campaign.

Example Referral Automation

Example Message Automation

Feature Recommendations

Automated actions are extremely powerful and can significantly increase the notifications students AND staff receive from Bulldog Connect. To get the most value from the feature, we have the following recommendations about using this functionality.

When Setting Up Automations

  • Review saved search details so you're confident with the student results that return before using it for automation.

  • Always plan to review the email sent 2 hours before the automation runs. Avoid scheduling the automation too early when you might not be available to review the email before it runs.

  • Consider omitting initial matches only to trigger automated actions for new student additions.

  • Review Alert Reason configurations when creating an alert automation so you understand what happens after the alert is issued.

Automation Maintenance

  • If a saved search has an enrollment term component, do not schedule automation past term-end.

  • If the student meets the automation criteria, stops meeting it, and then re-meets it, they will not start receiving the automation again.

  • You can generate a manual occurrence of your automation anytime by clicking Generate Queued Run and then clicking Process Now.